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Learn from a pro... BECOME A PRO!!

I am Steve Mason… and I am available!Although I am thorough, and throughout the course I committed to giving you ONLY the most accurate and pertinent information that applies to anyone attempting to break into our business, I also understand that there may come a time, especially early on, where you may feel as though you would benefit a great deal from a one-on-one approach…And you are ABSOLUTELY right!!I currently offer different levels of consulting, each tailored to the specific goal. Depending on your desired outcome, your needs WILL vary. From selecting a photographer to choosing which head shot from your photo shoot best represents you, to helping you rehearse or even help you to become a better technical performer… know that you will be in the right hands from the start.


For any individual, at any level. I will help you to be comfortable with the different departments of a production, and will help you gain confidence before going in for a booking. We will discuss all aspects of booking work from where to look for work to the details of a specific job. You will fully understand what is required of you from both casting and production.You will know what to bring, what to wear, how to act, and how to deal with ALL the intricacies of a set, and set-life.This level of consultation offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel after spending a session with me, that you have not progressed or feel that you haven’t learned something that you didn’t previously know, just simply tell me, and I will instantly refund your money. NO GIMMICKS. NO NONSENSE